From: Keri1231729 3:13:27 AM
Subject: Tork--Walk through
I hope this walkthrough is good enough.
I didn't label all the symbols but you get the jist of what they are when you play the game.
1. go down from ship and go right to the crazy-eyed alien.
2. Talk to him and get symbol K means swear.
3. repeat the symbol back to him and then follow him down.
4. Go left to the other alien that is sitting there. Talk and get another symbol Z means bad.
5. Follow the alien and get the next symbol O for open.
6. Go through the portal hole using the O symbol.
7. Go through the next portal hole using the O symbol.
8. Go down and learn a new symbol B for Berry.
9. Continue going down and follow the alien with the berry bag.
10. Get the symbol T for Take.
11. if you can take berry with T B.
12. Go down after the alien.
13. Take as many berries as you can using T B.
14. Go right then down follow the alien left then down.
15. get new symbol F for food.
16. Follow the alien to the right.
17. Talk the to alien with the food, and learn a new symbol G for give.
18. Take 4 berrys and give him those he will trade for food. Use G B four times.
19. From here go back to the left where you came, then up then right then up again.
20. Then left, up then right keep going right past the big white plant.
21. Learn new symbol C for cook
22. Go to the grill and use C F for cook food, do this twice.
23.leave back to where you came from. going back down to the food alien.
24. From the food alien go up, then right, then past the portal hole. (Don't worry if you get sucked in you can open it up to get out.)
25. Keep going right then up to the alien at the table New symbol M for money.
26. Talk to the guy at the table use g c f and he will give you money. Do this 2 times.
27. Go right past the table and down.
28. Go right past the portal.
29. The next alien will ask for your help New symbol H for help.
30. From here go down.
31. Take the first right you get to and learn a new symbol. P for petal.
32. G M to this alien and he will give you a petal. Do this twice (you really only need one but just in case)
33. Go back left and then up.
34. Continue going up until you run into some pipes.
35. Go left to the portal hole, Open it and enter.
36. There is an evil looking alien that is down in the left corner. use G P to give hima petal, then position your self for that thing to come down and get you. Then you will get a dream.
37. Go through the portal hole.
38. From here you need to go ALL the way to the begining where the guy with the crazy-eyes are and use G R for give dream.
39. He will give you a nightmare.
40. After getting nightmare go back to the alien that needed help. (The one with the one eyed plant.)
41. Go up to the one eyed plant and G N for give nightmare.
42. while he is having his nightmare go and get the little kid out of the room.<
43. Learn a new symbol F for follow
44. Follow the aliens to whereever they are taking you.
45. You will be taken to the queen, remember do not get ahead of these aliens they will stop everyonce in a while.
46. The queen will ask for help, you use L for follow.
47. Take her up to your ship, she will help you.